You’re too embarrassed to invite friends over, and if the doorbell rings, you cringe - what if it’s an unexpected guest? 

Piles Everywhere?

As you return home and drop your things wherever you happen to drop them, you pass by piles of clutter and look away with a big sigh because you don’t even know where to start.

Can't Use Your Space?

When you want to use your dining room table, you have to push aside a pile of opened and unopened mail from the last several months.

Hi!  I'm Stephanie

I've been through it myself - the overwhelm and embarrassment of not having things together at home.  Today I have the freedom and relaxation that come with clear floors and surfaces! I have a system that works for me to keep up.

I help women living with piles of stuff to organize their homes so that they can have that freedom.  You learn the techniques that work the best for you and tailor a system to maintain your space so you can relax.

Get Freedom  EnjoyYour Home

A Three-Step Program


Explore how your current home environment affects you and visualize how your space could support you instead. Use simple, manageable approaches to gain control over your space. No more averting your eyes as you walk by that pile of papers you can’t bear to think about. 


Organize the area that weighs you down the most.  Learn how to decide what to keep or discard without freaking out, and how to categorize and store.  Gather information to determine how different strategies suit you.


Based on information from Step 2, tailor a personalized system to keep your motivation up and your stress level down.  Include habits to maintain clear spaces.  Now you have the tools to organize, maintain, and enjoy your entire home - and your heart won’t sink at the idea of having someone over!

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