Feel distracted, irritated, and discouraged 

when you look around your place?

I used to feel that way too!  Dishes were never done, stuff was strewn everywhere, nothing had a place.  I lost things, and it was hard to get out the door!


Organizing books told me to do stuff that was beyond my reach, like handle papers only once, plan meals in advance, and get on top of daily home tasks before starting a big organization projection. It felt like a big gavel coming down in judgment of me.


Neither my math degree from MIT nor my master's in psychology prepared me to keep it together at home. There was something missing.  But my educational background, along with my training as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, did help when I set out to master home organization as if it were a mix between a math problem and a psychological study.  I had to find what worked for me.


And I got free from the weight of a disorganized home!  

How did I do it?   I tried everything and kept only what worked for me, without worrying about the rest of the techniques that only stressed me out or made me feel inadequate


When I stopped beating myself up and instead set up systems that I would follow, things looked up. 


Studying, learning, and experimenting, I focused on the journey that I called my Zen Home Project all the way from stagnation to freedom.  I did the whole place from top to bottom, downsized twice, got all my photographs organized, went through multiple iterations of paper filing systems and daily routines, and kept on trucking up to the present day!

Today I get a total thrill of joy when I glance around at my clear floors and surfaces, my super-functional storage spaces, and my serene environment.  I can relax - love it!


I want you to have that joy too!    It doesn’t have to take tons of time to start feeling lighter and freer in your space. 


I get a kick out of having a place for every little thing and a rationale for it that makes sense to my crazy brain.  What makes sense to me won't be the same as what makes sense to you.  


That’s why we take time in my program to find the ingredients that work for YOU, with your unique personality and operating style.  


You don’t have to try everything like I did.  When you have a home organization coach as your guide, you get there faster with less stress.  

My three-step program propels you from living with the piles to living in freedom.  


You’ll be encouraged and inspired as you develop a tailored, flexible system that works for you under any life conditions.


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The best thing about being organized is that I can spend more time doing what I love to do