Do What You Love Doing!

If you want to propel yourself into your dream life, then start doing more of what you love today.

We always put off what we love to do! Do you keep telling yourself that you'll spend more time doing what you want later? After you build your business, your kids are grown, you relocate, you finish organizing the house, you retire? Or how about after we get out of quarantine? Or when you feel better or have more confidence or finish that next degree?

Stop! Instead of postponing it, do more of what you love now. Doing lots of what you love brings out the little puppy in you who is jumping and wagging and can't wait for what's next. You'll connect to your creativity and unblock seemingly unrelated projects.  

What if what you love to do is currently impossible for one reason or another? Then bring an aspect of it into your day.

For example:

You love to travel.

Ask yourself:

What do I love about traveling?

If you answer that you love sampling regional cuisine, go for it! Find a recipe from a place you loved visiting or can't wait to visit and make it this week. I just found a red onion and orange salad recipe from southern Spain, the destination currently calling me!  I hereby commit to making it by Friday. To the demon of perfectionism - yes, it's okay to substitute! Imperfectly bring some small bit of your future vision into your current experience. In this case, I will make the recipe even if I don't have raspberry vinegar or golden raisins. And enjoy it!

If you answer that what you most enjoy about travel is waking up in the morning excited about a new adventure, then here's an idea. Start planning your next trip itinerary. Make a list of all the most exciting places you'll see. Get specific. Look at pictures. Then bring a bit of joy to your life today by reading them every morning.  

Ironically, doing what you love propels you more quickly toward the business you want, the life you desire, the impact you wish to have on your world, and the confidence and peace of mind that you crave. Now and after our current collective surreal experience, spending time on what you enjoy will change your perspective and unlock your vision. Do it now!

What do you love to do? What part of it can you do this week? Go for it!