Finish Your Home Projects: Especially Those Postponed for Years!

What type of home project do I mean? I mean the kind that sets up your environment to support your life by removing drains on your time and energy. I'm not talking about repurposing your old gardening can as a mudroom adornment after appliqueing it in an artistic style. Here are some examples of the kind of home projects that release energy for the rest of your life when you complete them: Unearth boxes from the past and make decisions about what's in them (for instance, old photographs or items from your first marriage). Your energy and focus will come into the present. Organize the laundry area and set up a new system. Your mornings will flow better, and you will spend less time in the laundry area during the week. Make a place for those seventeen items that are always on the floor, by purging your closets. You'll be less distracted (even if you don't think about them, you know they are there...) Finish off your deck so you can enjoy it. Get the idea? I'm talking about that spot in your home that you walk by thinking, "oh, yeah, I'm going to make a change to that space." I'm talking about the clothes you never wear that impede your access to the rest of the clothes that you do wear. I'm talking about the room that you don't like sitting in because it's not comfortable and the wall color doesn't suit you. I'm talking about how your physical environment detracts from your peace, comfort, energy, and ability to focus. I'm talking about everyday energy and time drains and about the irritation of procrastination that can keep you from using your power to build your life. Are you with me? You will feel much better after you start (and finish!) your stagnant home projects. Your streamlined and simplified home will support your daily life. You will then be able to use your unblocked energy to more fully express your purpose in life. To get into action, connect with the values and vision behind your desire to complete the project. In other words, why bother? There are plenty of ways to spend your time that are a lot more fun! You can make your home projects fun too, but you are not doing them just for fun. You want the result. What result do you want? Peace of mind? Ease of movement? A serene environment to support your mental health? The ability to function more effectively? Your clothes ready in the morning so you can spend a few more minutes relaxing or focusing on your family? Get pumped up by articulating the point behind your project. The point behind my long-term Zen Home project was to lighten my load so I'd be ready to roam! Go for it!