Fun with Time Management!

I like to play with my time management system. Lately, I've been designing it like I design my triathlon training program. Hence this photo of me hefting dumbbells, which is more fun than a photo of a day planner! Some time segments in my week that are like a long bike ride, like Project Power Tuesday, when I focus on home organization from 7am - 7 pm. Some are like lifting weights where I go as hard as I can for a short time on something I don't really want to do, like clean the bathroom. I have hill work, sprints, and rest days.

Your time management system must include an element of fun and individuality to keep you engaged! What works for someone else may not work for you. What works for you one month, may stop working the next. Especially if you are a busy woman with a huge appetite for new projects!

Simply put, though, if you don't have some way of managing your time, you won't manage to reach your goals at a very high rate! So devote some time (haha!) to your system to find what works for you.

If you are artistic, you may love to have a schedule and to-list on a paper calendar that you also draw on. Highly distractable people do better without sticky notes in view. Minimalism enthusiasts will want to keep the physical objects associated with their system at a low count.

Some people can concentrate for a long time, some need more frequent breaks. Some folks exercise in the morning, some in the afternoon. You may need long chunks of time for a project and they are readily available to you. Or you may benefit from them but it takes too much planning and negotiating with your family members to put them in place.

My system has evolved over the years by trying many, many different ways of corraling myself into spending my time in ways that honor my priorities and further my most important goals. I call my current system my Time Balance Matrix. It takes me about an hour to explain it, but makes perfect sense in my mind. It keeps me rolling through the day!

Find what works for you and then stick to it until you decide to modify based on new information coming in, and your ever-changing life. Keep it rolling along. Make it personal to you, allow flexibility, and put some fun into it! Games are especially fun - trying to finish a task (imperfectly!) within a certain time, building in rewards, using your creativity to find freedom with the structure of a time management system.

Go for it!