Is Your Spare Room Hopeless? Try 10!

I know! Half my life ago, I had a room called the "third room" in my apartment. The dreaded catchall storage room. We managed to set up the bedroom and the living room. The third room, though...boxes, piles, a mishmash of furniture. It could have been a dining room, an office, a yoga room - anything we wanted. Instead, it was a storage unit!

Would you like to be able to use your spare room for something? A beautiful office with amazing decor that sparks your creativity when you sit at the desk? A meditation area?

But it seems hopeless and you think you'd have to devote three weekends in a row to even make a dent in the chaos of that room?

It's not hopeless! It just feels that way. I lived with that sort of thing for YEARS. But no more. Fixing the problem can even be fun, light, and uplifting. Here's how:

Set aside the idea that it has to take forever.

Forget berating yourself because it's not done yet. Whatever you've been doing instead, I'm sure it's been super-valuable! Accept where you are.

Set an alarm to go off in ten minutes. Just ten - no more!

Now say to yourself "wouldn't it be cool to use that room for (insert amazing use for that room) ________?

Then, without worrying about how much progress you might make or not make, go in there and look around.

Pick up items one by one, consider what to do with them, and then put them down. Breathe!

For just ten minutes, do not leave the room for any reason! If you find an item that you know for sure that you want to put in a particular place in another room, put it next to the door. Only put it by the door if you know EXACTLY where it's going, not if you know it goes to another room but don't have a permanent home for it in that room yet.

If you put things back down in the same spot - great! If you feel baffled or overwhelmed when you look at something, just put it back down quickly and move on. If you start making piles of categories of items, that's okay too. But follow this rule: Don't make more of a mess than you started with. It's okay to put everything back down in the exact spot from which you picked it up.

When the alarm goes off - stop and leave!

Tomorrow, do it again!