One Simple Tip if You Are Freaked Out by Decluttering

If the thought of decluttering and organizing freaks you out, then read on for just one simple tip,

When you google how to declutter do you get completely overwhelmed? Ten tips to get started. Seven ways to stay motivated. The Five bins to use. And on and on.

So many tip lists can be create more clutter but this time it’s in your mind!

Plus it gives you another reason to beat yourself up - they make it sound so easy, why can’t I do this?

Here are some examples of the overwhelming ideas you might find.

“Just take all the clothes in your entire house, put them on your bed, and start putting them in the donation box, the repair box, or the keepers box.”

Aaaaaaah!! What if you don’t know where they all are? What if they wouldn’t even fit on the bed? What will you do when bedtime comes, the boxes are overflowing, the bed is still full, and your eyes are glazed over from the effort of so many decisions?

“Just take all the piles of papers and put them in a big bin and then start categorizing them into 4 different bins based on whether they require action or not.”

Does the thought of combining the pile of papers that has been in the corner for at least two years with the new pile of papers in the front hallway make you break out in a sweat? Do you want to get out a machete to fend anyone off who tries to make you do it?

“Just make decluttering part of your daily routine.”

What daily routine?!

“Set a goal to declutter your entire home by the end of the summer.”

Seriously? You and what army?

Sure, there are some great tips and tricks readily available. But how do you implement them on your own when you are living with piles of all varieties that have been building for years? I bet if you could permanently dismantle them by simply following some advice from a book or a blog you’d have done it already! Maybe you have done it, or parts of it, but it hasn’t lasted.

There’s got to be another way to get organized, that works for those who get freaked out just thinking about it.

Here’s a hint to calm the overwhelm if you want to start on the road to using your home as you’d like to, rather than as a stuff repository.

Don’t spread out the mess as you declutter.

If having stuff on your floors and surfaces is the problem, don’t make it worse by putting things where there weren’t any before!

That’s it. There are many ways to implement this tip. But for now, that’s it.

No mind clutter, just one simple tip.

Don’t spread out the mess as you declutter.

Keep it in mind as you get started.