Reconnect with What You Love To Do

Happy May Day, 2020! Strikes aside, May Day brings up happy memories for me of hanging a basket of flowers on a

neighbor's door, ringing the bell, and running away. I loved doing it! Why? It was fun! The flowers were pretty, spring was in the air, and it was the first day of my birthday month!

Doing what you love will unblock other areas of your life by reducing your feeling of overwhelm, even though it requires a time commitment. You expend time, and you receive energy, which you naturally begin using it to ease your struggles. Little by little, you then come into a powerful expression of your purpose.

But what if you don't have anything in mind that you love doing and feel like you can do right now? Maybe you don't remember what you truly enjoy. Perhaps you feel discouraged because you can't do some of the things that give you energy and make you happy, at least not in the way you used to do them. Maybe you enjoy so many different pursuits that you don't focus on any one of them enough to get that juiced-up "I love life!" feeling. Or maybe you feel guilty about giving yourself the gift of pursuing your interests when the world is turned upside down right now.

Make a decision to connect with yourself by choosing something that brings you energy and peace. Devote time to it this week, despite current circumstances. Your increased joy and serenity will trigger shifts in seemingly unrelated areas of your life, bringing your unique contribution to the world into its natural expression.

Use the following instructions to make a choice, get in gear, and unlock your energy by starting to do more of what you love to do THIS WEEK - maybe even TODAY, when you don't know what it is or can't choose a place to start.

First, make a list by answering these questions:

  1. Let your mind scan lightly back over your life, for moments when you felt energized, peaceful, joyful, or content. What were you doing?

  2. What accomplishments have made you the proudest?

  3. What did you love doing as a child?

  4. Look at the pictures on your walls (only the ones you like). What activities do they remind you of?

  5. How do you spend your time while on vacation?

  6. What pursuits make you feel closest to God or most spiritually-connected?

  7. What do your friends ask you for help with because you are so good at it?

  8. What do you usually squeeze in even if it will probably make you late for something else?

  9. When are you in the flow, and you lose track of time, what are you doing?

  10. When do you feel most like your true self?

  11. From what activity do you hate being interrupted?

Now you have a record of situations and activities that make you feel good. It's a fair bet those are the things you love to do! Now let's pick JUST one to start this week! If the choice is obvious, make it and be done.

If no one pursuit jumps out, then pick the most energizing one. Remember, you don't have to choose the perfect one. Just choose! You can select one at random if you wish since they are all on the list with good reason.

If you feel confused or discouraged, separate your list into 3 categories (quickly):

  1. Difficult to start now (for whatever reason)

  2. Easy to start now

  3. Not sure whether it fits in category 1 or 2

Now choose one from your "Easy to start now" category. If you can't decide, then pick the third one on the list.

Now that you have chosen a place to start, start right away. Determine the minimum amount of time required, and devote that amount of time to your choice TODAY. Tomorrow at the latest.

Then check out my how-to tips for keeping the momentum going, which I've been delivering via Facebook Live from my bicycle rides: How to do more of what you love more often.

Since I love to ride my bicycle and can do it right now, I've been hitting it with gusto. At first, I had to corral myself into it since I was out of the habit of long bike rides. I had been letting other activities get in the way. Now, after a few weeks of making it a top priority, I feel unblocked, unlocked, and free-flowing. I often find myself spontaneously heading out to bicycle. But not always. So I use the how-to tips myself to get on the bike and into what I love doing as much as possible!

You are not in this alone. Go for it!