Zen Home Project: Before and After

Take before and after pictures when you organize your space! My Zen Home Project organized every area of my house and streamlined my functioning in every room. I searched for photos to show the results. Since they don't exist, here are before and after sketches:

Before: White walls with sparsely hung artwork

After: Richly colored walls with proportional artwork

Before: Gym bag on the floor, sideways and open with items falling out of it

After: Gym bag in the front closet, packed, zipped, and ready to grab and go

Before: Tripping over toys, with no place to put them away

After: Stray toys quickly tossed into labeled bins

Before: Bedroom closet crowded with objects that belong in other rooms

After: Plenty of space to see the day's outfit options (including jewelry!)

Before: Oversized Bed Bath and Beyond bags on the kitchen floor with newly purchased items that can't be fit in the cabinets

After: New purchases in a designated spot for things that don't have a permanent home yet (and a system for processing the area regularly)

Before: Papers pushed over to one side of the dining room table when it's time to eat

After: Clear surfaces wherever the eye lands

Before: Boxes of old photos and negatives on the guest room closet floor

After: Photos from entire life span on digital frame shuffle-display, and guest room closet floor empty

What do these examples have in common?

Before: Irritation, distraction, and powerlessness

After: Peace, focus, and confidence

What could you create in your life with a radical energy shift from irritation, distraction, and feeling powerless to peace, focus, and feeling confident? Home organization - more than a tedious chore, it frees you to step into your life purpose!