Want to jumpstart your organization?

Conquer Your Paperwork

Coaching Session


Is your paperwork in piles all over the place?  On the dining room table, in your entryway, in random piles on surfaces and bookshelves, stowed away in closets, the garage, the attic, or even just sitting out right on the floor?


Overwhelming to even think about sorting through it all?

Over-tired and stressed as you drop half-opened mail on top of an old pile?

Spent hours looking for an important paper when you needed it?


If so, then it’s time for a Conquer Your Paperwork coaching session to clear the paperwork clutter on your surfaces and organize the papers in your closets, drawers, corners, and wherever else they are stashed.


At the end of our call, you’ll know...


How to deal with your stagnant piles


How to keep them from coming back.


How it Works:


Complete a brief questionnaire and hop on a 45-minute phone session.


What you get:


All the papers organized.

A customized strategy to process all the now-organized piles.

A tailored-to-you plan to deal with incoming papers from all sources…so the piles don’t come back.

Want a tailored solution to stay organized so you can enjoy your entire home?


Home Organization Coaching Package

A sustainable, long-term solution for women living with piles of stuff.


Step 1.  Assessment (2 sessions)


Explore how chaos and piles of stuff are affecting you, like when your heart sinks if someone comes to the door.  Envision how your space can free you up and support your life.  Play with simple tools that get you out of avoidance so that you start to develop some control over your space. No more averting your eyes as you walk by that pile of papers you can’t bear to think about.  Examine the thoughts and habits that stand in your way and learn techniques to defuse them so they no longer keep you frozen.


Step 2. Priority Area Organization (4 sessions)


Choose your top priority area and follow a plan to meet achievable goals that you can be motivated and excited about.  Learn how to decide what to keep or discard without freaking out, and how to categorize, store, and later find what you keep. As you make headway on the area that matters the most for you right now, we’ll gather information on your responses to various organizing methods.



Step 3. System Formulation (2 sessions)


Based on information from Step 2, tailor a personalized organizing system that will keep your motivation up and your stress level down.  Include habits to maintain your newly clear and organized spaces and to keep your mind clear.  Now you have the tools to organize, maintain, and enjoy your entire home - and even be guest-ready without notice


Eight 45-minute phone coaching sessions

Structured (but flexible!) Action Guides between sessions

Unlimited email support between sessions

Ten 10-minute mini-coaching sessions to get unstuck